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Ascending & Descending Area

Car parking with extra spaces are conveniently allocated at the main entrance of the Departure Terminal, they properly designed for drop off the disabled persons. Also, the parking spaces are marked with signboards containing wheelchair symbol. The driver may use such parking areas to drop off the disabled persons only and the vehicle may not left there for a long period. It is noteworthy that there are no charges or fees for such parking area.

Paid Parking

All parking area on the Lower area of the Arrivals and Departures areas are clearly marked with special needs sign. The disabled person can pay the parking fees at the machine with the assistance of the porters or the cashier who are available 24 hour near the payment machine.

Lift-Equipped Buses

In cooperation with Sharjah Transport, taxis equipped with a wheelchair lift are available for disabled & elder people. Such vehicles contain equipments corresponding to the needs of such category. They are equipped by hydraulic lift which descends from the vehicle’s rear to carry the passenger together with his chair easily & smoothly. The Buses operate daily every hour at a nominal charge. Such services may be obtained by contacting the Reservation & Distribution Center of Sharjah Transport, 600525252.

Information Office:

There is one Information Office at the departure gate and many information disks are spread in the building. All customer service staffs in information disk are ready to assist the disabled passengers.

Communication through Sign Language

Customer service staffs are trained to communicate with the Hearing Impairment persons by using Sign Language. Assistance may be requested from Customer service staffs.

Sharjah Aviation Services (SAS):

Hala Services
This service is available on 24 hours basis & it is especially designed to render reception services & to assist the departing & arriving passengers to the highest quality levels. Also, such service is available to the passengers who need it such as: children who are travelling alone, elder people & limited mobility travelers. This service helps the passengers to finalize their travelling procedures, passports customs procedures quickly, easily smoothly.

Wheelchair Service
Sharjah Aviation Services provides different types of wheel chairs free of charge for disabled people after presenting their status cards issued by Ministry of Social Affairs or any medical reports prove their conditions. Wheelchair may be ordered through calling the here-under mentioned number and finalizing the required procedures. The disabled passenger should inform Sharjah Aviation Services/Hala Services (4 hours before flight) to avoid any delays. Remind a flight attendant that you need a wheelchair upon arrival. If you are willing to keep your own wheelchair, please inform Sharjah Aviation Services (SAS).  For more information, the passenger may contact: 065581150 or to visit Hala Services Office at the main building near Departure gate.

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