Sharjah Airport

  • 9:49 AM (GMT +04:00)
  • 06 - 5581111
  • مطارالشارقة.امارات
  • العربية
  • Traveller
  • Business

Keep track of your flight, wherever you are.Sign up to Sharjah Airport’s flight tracking service to receive SMS, email, Facebook Messenger or Twitter updates on the status of any international and cargo flight. You will also receive alerts about expected arrival and departure times. Simply click the ‘Track’ button next to any flight number on the Arrivals or Departures schedule and provide your contact details.

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    Passenger Arrival

    Before leaving for Sharjah Airport, click here to check our regularly updated Arrivals schedule.

  • passenger-flight-departure

    Passenger Departure

    Click here to check our regularly updated Departures schedule to check if your flight will be leaving Sharjah Airport on time.

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    Cargo Arrival

    Check when your export consignment is due to land at Sharjah Airport here.

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    Cargo Departure

    Track when your export consignment is set to take off from Sharjah Airport here.

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