Sharjah International Airport

  • 20.8°C
  • 10:13 PM (GMT +04:00)
  • 06 - 5581111
  • مطار الشارقة الدولي.امارات
  • العربية
  • Traveller
  • Business

Arriving to Sharjah International Airport is hassle free! Discover the difference yourself.Sharjah International Airport appreciates how busy you are and wants to make the waiting time for to arrive as minimal as possible. We provide a flight arrival schedule that is updated regularly and shows you whether the flight is arriving on schedule or will be delayed.You can also sign up for our flight tracking service that will send you an SMS or email of flight status updates simply by selecting the “track” button next to the flight.  We will ask you to provide the flight number, your name, and phone number or email, and then send you a notification of updates on your expected flight.

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