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Keep track of when your flight departs, before and after check-in

Do you want to know if a flight is leaving on time, or if it has been delayed? Sharjah Airport regularly updates the online Departures schedule. You can also sign up to the airport’s flight tracking service to receive SMS and email updates on the status of any flight. Simply click the ‘Track’ button next to any flight number and provide your contact details.

A delayed flight? Take the extra time to enjoy all the facilities of the Business Lounge including internet access, Duty Free shopping, dining in the food court. Families can keep children entertained in the popular play area.

Check-in information

  • Most airline check-in counters are open at least two hours before your flight; some offer online check-in up to 48 hours prior flight departure time.
  • When you arrive at Sharjah Airport, refer to the Flight Information display to find the row number for your airline’s check-in.
  • At the check-in counter, have your valid travel documents ready, including passport, ticket or booking confirmation, and visa if applicable.
  • Always check the baggage allowance for your flight to avoid paying additional charges at check-in.

All timings indicated are in UAE local time (GMT +4)

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