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Would you like to walk off the plane and into a clean, comfortable hotel room?

The Airport Hotel is located within Sharjah Airport, and offers Deluxe rooms, Executive POD rooms and Male-Female Dormitories in a sharing room, onsite café, and free high-speed Wi-Fi.
Ideal for any passengers who have a long layover or a delayed flight, the hotel has 16 Deluxe Rooms, 24 POD rooms and 50 Males Sharing Room as well as 44 Female Sharing Rooms with sharing washrooms facilities.
It is well-located within security checks in the airport and close to the departure gates. The hotel offers guests the choice of booking either for minimum of 12 hours or 24 hours. All rooms are well-equipped with standard amenities including comfortable King/Twin beds, Tea/coffee amenities with Kettle, Mini fridge, Flat-screen TV, Telephone, Free High-Speed Wi-Fi etc.

Hotel Facilities

  • Five sharing rooms
  • 24-hour room service
  • 24-hour laundry services and dry cleaning available at minimal costs
  • Money exchange facilities
  • 24-hour doctor on call

Required Documents for Hotel Check-in

  • Passports copy of all guest/s
  • Copy of flight ticket for all guest/s

Hotel Room Rates (in AED)

Type Of Room Half Day Full Day Additional Breakfast Per Person
Deluxe Room Single 400 660 25
Deluxe Room Double 450 720 25
Single Executive Pod 250 400 25
Double Executive Pod 380 570 25
Bunk Bed 200 280 25

Hotel Room Rates to Airline (in AED)

Type Of Room Half Day Full Day Additional Breakfast Per Person
Deluxe Room Single 300 495 19

How to Book

  • Book a room at the transfer desk, at the airport shuttle or through your airline or tourism agency.
  • Email:
  • Phone: 00971 654 673 46
  • Mobil: 00971 565 016 862

Conditions of Stay

  • Visitors are not permitted within the hotel rooms; guests can only be met in the hotel lobby.
  • Airport employees are not permitted to visit hotel guests.
  • Airport employees can only book a room with the authorization of their manager.
  • Passport copies of all hotel guests are sent daily to the airport’s security department and passport control as a security measure.
  • Please report any suspicious person or baggage to the airport police.
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