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The Lost and Found office is open 24 hours a day to help you find your lost possessions. Please report any lost baggage or belonging either at the airport or on the plane to the designated office and our team will make every effort to return it to you as soon as possible.

Lost and found items that do not carry a baggage tag (Competent Authority – Facilities Department)

Service Description: Baggage left by passengers in the terminal building or in the car park whose flights have been canceled for any reason or who did not carry them due to excessive weight. Examples include mobile accessories, bags that may contain documents or clothes and fabrics.
The Beneficiary of the


Passengers or visitors to Sharjah Airport
Service Channels: Go to the Facilities Department on the first floor of the Departures Hall
Documents required to submit the application: Fill out the baggage claim form
Documents Required for baggage receipt: The baggage receipt voucher form Procedure for baggage receipt:

  • Take a copy of the identity document, such as any government-issued or recognized ID or passport
  • An official power of attorney in case the baggage is received by the traveler’s relatives
  • There is no service fee for this service.
Storage Period: Only three (3) months from the date of loss

Lost and Found in Arrivals Area (Concerned Authority – Sharjah Aviation Services)

Service Description:
  • Abandoned baggage that is not claimed by its owners traveling on incoming flights to Sharjah Airport; as well as those found in the baggage distribution area (prior to being loaded onto the aircraft) or in the flight diversion area marked by a baggage tag indicating the destination details.
The Beneficiary of the Service: Passengers through Sharjah Airport
Service Channels:
Required Documents:
  • Letter of Authorization
  • Copy of the passport
  • Baggage loss and claim report, or baggage tag that includes the flight number, destination and baggage serial number
There is no fee for this service.
Luggage Storage Facilities:
  • Unclaimed luggage traveling on Air Arabia will be kept for one month in the lost and found storeroom in the Arrivals Hall. Baggage from other airlines is kept in the lost and found store for seven days and then sent back to the main office (home station) of the concerned airline.
  • Baggage of passengers who failed to board their flights will be delivered to their owners based on the details recorded on the baggage tag which includes the reference number, and the details of the departing flight. The baggage tag can be reprinted by the lost and found office for travelers on other flights and can then be sent to the destination chosen by the traveler.
  • Air Arabia baggage is kept in the main storeroom for a period of four (4) months starting from the date of the flight, after which it is disposed of after exceeding the specified storage period.

Precious lost items (Competent Authority – Police)

Service Description: Baggage left by travelers at the airport. Examples include gold, mobile devices and tablets, wallet, documents
The Beneficiary of the Service: Travelers and visitors
Service Channels:
  • Police desk/station at the Departures Hall located on the 1st Floor behind Hala Services Office. Open 24/7.
There is no service fee
Storage Period: 6 months from the date of loss

For more inquiries or assistance, please contact the following numbers at the police desk:

  • +971 6 508 1103
  • +971 6 508 1110
  • +971 6 508 1187
  • +971 6 508 1156
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