Sharjah Airport Sharjah Airport

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Sharjah Airport

Located away from Sharjah’s most congested areas, Sharjah Airport is quick and easy to access. As well as driving, you can reach the airport using public transport, coach services and taxis.

Wherever you are travelling to and from in the UAE, you can hop on a bus or coach to and from the airport. Muwasalat’s bright orange buses operate regular services within Sharjah, and Air Arabia’s air-conditioned coaches operate to and from the neighbouring emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain and Ras al Khaimah. Fees start from as low as AED 7, all services have storage for luggage, and tickets can often be pre-booked online.

For door-to-door service, you can book a car from the fleet of Sharjah Transport taxis, which also have dedicated cars for ladies, families and wheelchair users. Alternatively, you can hire a car directly at the airport and have the freedom of driving behind the wheel yourself.

For more information about the different transport services to and from the airport, click on the menu options.

There’s also a choice of secure, accessible and affordable options – whether you are going to drop off or collect someone at Sharjah Airport, or you need to park your car here while you travel overseas. For more information, Click Here.

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