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Easy and convenient transfer procedures. If you are a transferring from one flight to another, please check for your connecting flight at the ‘Transfer Desk’.Transfer and transit passengers SHOULD NOT go through the Arrival Immigration checkpoint. The proximity of gates of any connecting flight and easy procedures make transfers and transits to other flights as smooth as possible. In case of long connecting times, you have the option of relaxing in our lounges or even resting in the airport transit hotel. Highly visible signage, and ever-present, friendly staff will be happy to guide you.

Flight Status

Depart in style and comfort from Sharjah with unforgettable memories. We have provided you with a regularly updated flight departure schedule that allows you to know whether your flight will be leaving from Sharjah Airport on time or delayed.You can also sign up for our flight tracking service that will send you an SMS or email of flight status updates simply by selecting the “track” button next to the flight. You can take any unfortunate delays as an opportunity to enjoy the airport’s Business Lounge that offers you internet access and other business facilities at nominal rates, the children’s play area, Duty Free shopping, and the food court, among many other things. Departure Flights Top

Transfer Process

Find your transfer desk

    Our dedicated transfer desks give you the boarding pass for your onward flight.

  • Following the signs
  • Using our interactive maps avaliable on the Sharjah Airport APP
  • asking May I Help You staff


Special Service Staff

Breeze through the formalities with our special services
Relax we will take care of all the details of your travel procedures at Sharjah Airport with a unique range of Hala services. HALA services are made to make every step of your trip the easy and straightforward and trouble-free with what it includes such as speedy check in, immigration, and boarding, as well as luxurious lounges and extensive visa support services.Pamper yourself and book one of the unique HALA services to your family orReception and assistance
Take advantage of the skilled multilingual team to guide you or your guests at the airport, using dedicated check-in and immigration counters ensure trouble-free experience within the airport and access to luxury lounges or directly to the gate of your flight.Top

Things you can do

There’s something for everybody at our food court; with outlets catering to many international cuisines. Sharjah Airport offers a variety of cuisines in its food court, such as Indian, Chinese, Mediterranean, etc. – all available at reasonable prices. Dining Page. ShopDid you suddenly remember that you forgot to buy someone a gift and it’s too late to go out? Sharjah Airport has taken that into account and offers an impressive selection of duty free options. After finishing from passport control travelling and arriving passengers can browse the world renowned brands and wide variety of goods the airport has to offer at prices that are unmatched in most airports of the world. Sharjah Airport’s Duty Free Shopping is managed by Dufry Sharjah which is a leading global travel retailer that operates in more than 1,100 duty-free and duty-paid shops in airports, cruise lines, seaports, railway stations, and downtown tourist areas. For more information. Relax
Please visit Airport Hotel page for more information.Top

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