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Sharjah Airport provides a wide range of pioneering business opportunities, in addition to offering the tenders and auctions. The purchasing department plays a vital role in meeting the entire Airport requirements such as commodities and services by approving the various methods of the modern and effective purchase and pursuant to unified and comprehensive policies and purchase procedures, which operations are implemented at the appropriate time and for the profitable price, high quality and reasonable quantity. This is together with complying with the highest quality standards and the best professional practices recognized in the field of the purchases management.

Below you will find a detailed explanation of the opportunities offered to service providers, consultants, contractors, and a wide variety of companies.

All agencies and companies, local and international, must register with Sharjah Airport. This is a requirement for anyone wanting to participate in tenders and the supply of materials; deliver projects and provide services to the airport. The tenders have also been swiftly and easily published and uploaded through the internet, in addition to the participation in the auctions, in accordance with the rules and regulations in force at Sharjah Airport, with the exception of the travel and tourism and air cargo agencies. We advise such companies to communicate directly with the Commercial Department at Sharjah Airport.

Please note that effective from 1 January 2018, for local companies only, the UAE Government introduced Value Added Tax (VAT), and Sharjah Airport imposes a VAT of 5% on any taxable supply and will collect and pay such VAT to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). The Airport shall not accept any tax invoice not compatible with the provisions of Article 59 of the Executive Regulation of the Federal Decree-Law No. 8/2017 concerning the UAE Value Added Tax. The international companies shall be exempted from such tax.

The Airport provides many pioneering opportunities for the large companies and the entrepreneurs too. We invite the suppliers to register their services and activities and list their trade licenses and the company’s file, and we shall organize tenders that include a wide range of services such constructions and the other diversified services which required by the nature of the Airport works at its entire vital facilities. This is in addition to offering auctions on the used and scrap, pursuant to the policies and procedures approved at Sharjah Airport

To participate in auctions held at Sharjah Airport, contact Procurement Section.

Check regularly to view our updated list of business opportunities – and click on the links below to learn more.

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