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Sharjah Airport offers a wide range of commercial opportunities. The following FAQs cover key questions regarding airport retailing and concession activities within Sharjah Airport.

How can I be part of the wide range of retailers and concessionaires at Sharjah Airport?

There is a tendering process in line with local law. Concession agreements are usually awarded for a period of four years, with an option to review commercial terms year on year. The commercial terms and conditions vary based on the business type.


What are the guidelines of the RFP process?

The upcoming RFPs are published in the local media for three consecutive days. The RFP documents can be collected from the Purchasing Department or bought online for a non-refundable fee. The duration of the RFP process is generally four to 10 weeks. The qualification criteria and other requirements are specified in detail within the RFP documents.


How can I book a kiosk space?

A limited number of kiosks are strategically located within the terminal buildings. Allocation is based on availability. You can apply to


What are the business operating hours at the airport?

All retail and concession services at the airport are required to be operational on a 24/7 basis.


How can I merchandise my company products and services at Sharjah Airport duty-free shops?

Contact us at and we will arrange to connect you with Sharjah Airport Duty Free.


For any further inquiries please email us at:
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