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Chairman MessageSharjah Airport, from its modest beginning in 1932 as a stopover point for Imperial Airways flights en-route to India and Australia, has expanded and developed over the years to cope with the growing demands of a dynamically changing market.Our airport is primarily concerned with providing comfort, safety, quality, and professional service to our clients and passengers. Given the rapid rate of development and demands of the market forces, we are required to improve our capacity on a regular basis to meet those demands.Sharjah Airport offers world-class facilities and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Excellent customer service has been our forte and we ensure that our staff meets standards through on-going training programs. We work in one of the fastest growing regions and need to be well equipped to meet the challenges of new technology and systems.As an  airport, operating in a global market, we appreciate the need to be flexible to meet the customers’ needs. Accordingly, our price structure is highly competitive and we offer our customers tailor-made services suited to their needs. In dealing with our customers, we follow an unrestricted and flexible style, accommodating the needs and requirements of the airlines and agents, thus ensuring the best possible operational environment.The staff is the corner stone of any organization and the personnel at this airport are excellent. They bring wide-ranging knowledge from major airports all over the world.Our commitment to providing quality services and facilities is deep-rooted and absolute. Our quest for ways to improve is continual by means of heavy investments in infrastructure, quality service and professional training – all aimed at ensuring the comfort, security and safety of our clients.


Chairman – Sharjah Airport Authority
Ali Salim Al Midfa
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