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To view the latest services offered by the cargo centre Sharjah Airport receives a delegation from Dubai Municipality

September 13, 2020

Last Thursday, Sharjah Airport welcomed a delegation from the Veterinary Services Section in Dubai Municipality, to view the veterinary services, including the livestock shipping facilities and the sample examination laboratory at the airport to see the best practices and procedures the airport adheres to for incoming livestock shipments.

The delegation listened to a detailed explanation of the procedures applied in handling, examining, and clearing livestock shipments and was briefed on the facilities and services provided by the various entities operating at the airport and their adherence to international codes of best practice.

Several Departmental Directors from Sharjah Airport Authority were in attendance along with officials from the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, Sharjah City Municipality, Sharjah Customs, and Sharjah Aviation Services.

Outstanding facilities

Sharjah Airport offers excellent facilities for livestock and other animal shipments extending to an area of 10,000 square meters. The total storage area is 891 square meters, consisting of 14 animal pens at 96 square meters complete with water tanks for drinking, as well as a modern platform for animal loading, livestock handling system, animal check cages, honey bee holding area, holding area for pet birds and animals and pet storage area.

Sharjah Airport is regarded as a major destination in the field of global air cargo with an air cargo centre equipped to provide world-class services and facilities for air cargo agents. Development efforts are continuing to keep the airport at the forefront of air cargo destinations in the region and the world.

The airport’s competitive strengths in air cargo operations include Sharjah’s central location within the UAE, thriving economy, and aggressive free-trade policies. This is boosted by the airport’s open sky policy, transparency, and competitive landing, handling, and ancillary charges. Adjacent to the Sharjah Airport Free Zone, and well-connected to shipper and consignee warehouses in neighbouring emirates, the airport’s cargo centre is ideally placed as a distribution point for goods in the region.

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