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Sharjah International Airport Authority Concludes Summer Training for Students

Sharjah International Airport Authority has concluded a training program that was organised in cooperation with the Sharjah Directorate of Human Resources. Six trainees participated in the 24-day program, which lasted from July 8th to August 2nd.

The trainees acquired necessary practical skills at different departments and directorates at the Authority.

The program was offered in order to provide the trainees with practical experience, and to answer all of their questions. After participating in the program, the qualified trainees are equipped with scientific skills, knowledge and experience, and they are now prepared to start their careers.

The requirements of the program were determined based on the participants’ educational levels, and on tours of Sharjah Airport’s many facilities and sections. Before the program began, the training department at Sharjah International Airport Authority contacted the different sections of the Airport in order to create a timetable and schedule for the trainees.

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