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Sharjah Airport all geared up for busy summer travel

July 7, 2022

Sharjah Airport Authority advises passengers to arrive well in advance for flights during the summer season

Sharjah Airport has announced its readiness to handle the increased frequency of passengers to and from the Emirate of Sharjah during the peak summer season while ensuring the highest levels of precautionary measures to ensure a safe and convenient travel experience.

Sharjah Airport, in coordination with all partners, has prepared to deal with the growing number of passengers, following a prior strategy to streamline travel procedures and ensure passenger safety. This is accomplished by promoting smart services like self-check-in services and smart gates, that make travel procedures easy and are driven by the latest technologies and innovations.

Due to the increased demand for travel during the summer and the Eid al-Adha holidays, Sharjah Airport has advised passengers to arrive at the airport three hours before the departure of their flights to ensure a safe and smooth travel experience.

Prior to the heavy rush during the summer season, the airport emphasized the importance of using smart services to complete self-check-in, which allows travelers to complete all their travel transactions quickly, reduce their waiting time, and enhance their travel experience at Sharjah Airport.

Self-check-in Services
Travelers at Sharjah Airport can take advantage of self-check-in services by printing their boarding passes from self-travel devices, as well as printing and attaching labels to their luggage before delivering it to the self-delivery platform. The airport also provides automated verification of boarding passes through an automated verification system for pre-printed or digital passes.

Smart Information Desk
In addition, the smart information desk at Sharjah Airport provides passengers with the opportunity to communicate with the information department at the airport through voice and video calls, which also includes assistance for people with special needs. As part of the service, the desk also offers travelers an interactive airport map to aid them in finding the appropriate facilities, making their transit experience smooth and seamless.

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