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To accommodate the growing demand for travel to and from the United Arab Emirates, EgyptAir prepares to increase its flights through Sharjah Airport

August 30, 2020

Starting from the beginning of September, EgyptAir will begin operating a daily flight between Cairo and Sharjah Airport to accommodate the growth in demand for travel from destinations in the Republic of Egypt and further increasing travel opportunities for residents of Sharjah and the wider UAE.

The launch of daily flights between Sharjah and Cairo further contributes to the sustainable growth of the Airport and enhances its position as a centre for regional and international aviation. The new schedule for EgyptAir will provide travellers from the African continent a unique opportunity to experience the high-quality facilities and integrated services offered by Sharjah Airport.

Commenting on Sharjah Airport as it fast becomes the chosen destination for international airlines His Excellency Ali Salim Al Midfa, Chairman of Sharjah Airport Authority, said: “By continually striving to improve and develop the services and facilities available to companies operating through Sharjah Airport, we continue to strengthen the Airport’s position as the chosen destination for international airlines. We continue to bolster our relationship with EgyptAir and its new schedule will further enhance the tourist and commercial flow to the emirate, cementing Sharjah as a centre for tourism, culture and business. The route will also provide travel opportunities for those wishing to travel through Sharjah and Cairo, linking them to further destinations across the world.”

His Excellency stressed that Sharjah Airport will support the key partnership with EgyptAir to achieve success in the region by providing the best possible services and facilities, and help it to provide effective and unique travel solutions that will best serve the vision of the company.

For his part, Pilot Rushdi Zakaria, Chairman of EgyptAir Holding Company said: “Since its inception in 1932, EgyptAir has played a fundamental role in linking many cultures and civilizations around the world. We have been operating flights to Sharjah International Airport from 1975, since that time, we have witnessed a passenger increase through the connections offered between the emirates of Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and historically to Fujairah And Ras al-Khaimah and the city of Al-Ain in the cities of Cairo and Alexandria, and the important links they provide to EgyptAir network points around the world.”

Speed, efficiency and strategic location

Today’s announcement of the EgyptAir to Sharjah daily flight comes as a direct result of Sharjah Airport’s successes over the past year in which it has leveraged the confidence of international airlines, taking advantage of the speed and efficiency of the procedures provided, and the distinguished strategic location it enjoys.

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