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Sharjah Airport shares the spirit of Ramadan with passengers by distributing iftar meals

Monday March 25th, 2024

In line with the special atmosphere of the holy month of Ramadan, Sharjah Airport continues its annual initiative of providing daily iftar meals specifically for passengers passing through the airport to and from Sharjah. This initiative aims to leverage this special occasion to enrich the travel experience for departing and arriving passengers, making their journeys more comfortable and smoother, in a noble humanitarian gesture that reflects the essence of the holy month.

Sharjah Airport employees welcome passengers, wishing them a blessed month and offering them iftar meals, in addition to dates and Arabic coffee, in an annual tradition that the airport has adopted to express the values of genuine Emirati hospitality to fasting passengers.

This initiative translates the message of the Sharjah Airport Authority to enhance a comprehensive system for community involvement, based on its strategy to provide exceptional service to customers at the highest standards, reflecting everything that serves to establish noble social customs and traditions among members of the local community.

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