Sharjah Airport

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  • مطارالشارقة.امارات
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This service allows suppliers to register with Sharjah Airport. Click on the link below to complete the registration form and upload the required documents

Supplier terms and conditions

Add your name to the list of approved suppliers with Sharjah Airport by signing up to the Supplier Register. The registration process is quick and simple. All companies including airlines and franchises can upload the required registration documents online.
All suppliers must note the following:

  • The Supplier shall only supply Sharjah Airport after receiving a Purchase Order (PO), or after signing a contract, if applicable.
  • The Supplier shall deliver the supplies according to the period specified in the Purchase Order
  • The Supplier shall provide a bank guarantee for any advance payments
  • The Procurement Department will be notified by an official letter in case of any change in the company's information, such as trade name, bank details, or contact details

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