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For every consignment of food stuff that arrives at Sharjah International Airport, the following documents must be provided for the shipment to pass through smoothly and without delay.

  • Bill of entry or airway bill
  • Packing list
  • Health certificate of the consignment issued by the source country’s government or local authority
  • Halal certificate for meat and poultry issued by an Islamic organisation recognised by the UAE government
  • Certificate of origin


Labelling on each food item arriving into Sharjah International Airport should have the item’s brand name on it, the name of the food stuff, ingredients, the country of origin, production and expiry dates, name and address of the manufacturer, the names of E no. added to the product (if any), the net contents of the food stuff, and if applicable, the condition of storage and method of preparation for consumption. The label must be difficult to remove or alter, clear and easy to read, and show the source of fat, enzyme, gelatine, rennet, and if it contains any animal products. It should not be false, misleading or deceiving, indicate that it is something it is not, nor the data be covered, altered or obliterated.Top

Expiration and Product Date

All food stuff must be clearly labelled with its expiration and production date. The following terms may be used on the labels:

  • Date of expiry……………………………. the consignment will be re-exported to the source country, or to a third party non-GCC country, or Good for use until…………………………….
  • Valid for…………………………….from the date of production
  • Use before…………………………….
  • Sold up to…………………………….

Please note that hand-written dates are not acceptable on labels, and should not be easily erased. Date should be written as dd/mm/yy for products with a shelf life of less than six months and mm/yy for products with a shelf life of over six months. Double dates are not permitted and cannot be changed or added once they arrive at the port. They must be in Arabic or English, or both if possible.Top

Rejection of consignment

To avoid any delays in your cargo going through Sharjah International Airport, you can ensure that your consignment is not rejected by ensuring that 50% of the product’s shelf life has not elapsed, and doing the following:

  • Having the correct shelf life recorded on the product
  • Labelling according to the local regulations
  • Not having unpermitted additives or preservatives in the product
  • Food stuff should not go beyond biological, microbiological, and chemical standards
  • Label information should be in Arabic, English or both
  • Production and expiration dates should be imposed on the container or ink jetted

If your food consignment is rejected due to unfitness for human consumption because of microbial contamination, it will be re-exported to the source country or destroyed under the supervision of the Public Health Section of Sharjah Municipality. In the event it is rejected for not complying with labelling regulations, the consignment will be re-exported to the source country, or to a third party non-GCC country, or destroyed by the Public Health Section of Sharjah Municipality.Top

Inspection and Clearance Procedure

All consignments arriving at Sharjah International Airport are physically inspected. Food stuff such as baby food, edible oils, dairy, and dairy products are subject to laboratory analysis. Once the sample has been taken, the consignment will not be allowed to be released into the market until the results of the analysis come out. For those with warehouses in Sharjah, the shipment may be released temporarily to their warehouse and detained there until the results are declared. Analysis results normally take 3-4 working days. If no sample is taken from the shipment, and it is only examined physically and complies with all the regulations, the consignment will be released to you. This should not take more than one hour to do subject to the number of items in the shipment and their availability for inspection.Top

What you need to know before importing food stuff

If you are importing food products for the first time, please refer to the Public Health Section of Sharjah Municipality for all the regulations you need to be aware of. You may need to submit samples of the food to the food laboratory of Sharjah Municipality to ensure that they are safe for consumption and comply with specifications, label, and shelf life regulations of the country.

Documentation and information required before exporting food stuff

To export food stuff out of Sharjah International Airport and avoid any delays in your consignment passing through, please check that your cargo fits the specifications required in the country the food stuff is exported to. Also ensure that you have obtained a health certificate from the Public Health Section of Sharjah Municipality for the cargo you are exporting.Top

Type of certificates

  • Destruction certificate – fees: depends on the value of the goods
  • Export certificate – fees: AED100
  • Rejection certificate – fees: AED100
  • Radiation certificate – fees: will be decided
  • Certificate of analysis – fees: will be decided
  • De-rating certificate – fees: AED200


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