Technical Information

Airport name Sharjah International Airport
Position 25° 19 45.31828" N, 55° 30 57.67970"E
Altitude 111 feet
Area 3,593,390 m2
Location 7NM East South East of Sharjah
Fire fighting category 9
Operational hours 24
Runways 12/30
Length and Width-(metres) 4060 x 45
No. of Stands 67

Airport Information

Sharjah, the thriving, bustling city famed for its culture, heritage and tourist attractions is also renowned as a redistribution center and business hub which attracts many entrepreneurs with its capitalistic and conducive atmosphere for business.

Sharjah International Airport goes back to 1932, when it was used as a stopover point by Imperial Airways - the forerunners of British Airways, who constructed an airfield at Sharjah as a stopover en-route to India and Australia.   Today, Sharjah Airport is the Middle East region’s leading Air Transportation gateway. It is considered as the No.1 cargo hub in the region and it is increasingly becoming popular throughout the world as a favorite transit, departure and arrival point for passengers. 

The most important factor is the strategic location, midway between the Far East and Europe.   Even regionally, Sharjah is centrally placed between the commercial hub Dubai and the other Northern Emirates.  Being only 15 minutes driving distance away from Dubai, Sharjah is ideally suited to cater to both markets.

Sharjah enjoys an “Open Sky Policy” which permits the Airlines Traffic rights without any hindrance.   It boasts the most competitive rates in terms of landing and handling, supported with the most modern equipment and infrastructure to handle aircraft of all types, complemented by professional, efficient and courteous staff.

The company providing Ground Handling Services at Sharjah Airport is “Sharjah Aviation Services” Sharjah Aviation Services(SAS),  which boasts the most competitive rates, supported with the most modern equipment and infrastructure to handle aircraft of all types, complemented by professional, efficient and courteous staff.

For all of your Business Aviation needs, please feel free to contact Gama Aviation, the official FBO at Sharjah International Airport, as per the following details:
Mr. Jeremy Mitchell
FBO Manager
Tel: +971 6 5570177

With its headquarters in East Midlands UK, BCT Aviation is a fully approved EASA 145 global Line Maintenance Provider with a large scope of aircraft approvals on its portfolio, and can perform Line Maintenance activities up to and including ‘A’ checks. BCT also holds Approvals / Licences to action Line Maintenance for other foreign aircraft, including FAA & GCAA. BCT has bases at RKT & SHJ, and can also gain access to DWC & DXB airports. Your specific requirements can be discussed with a view to accommodate your needs with BCT Aviation Maintenance Ltd. We look forward to assist.

For further assistance, please contact:

Mr. Bruce Fenton
Business Development Director
Africa & Middle East, BCT Aviation Maintenance Limited UK
Mob: 00971503287578 (UAE), E-mail:

In line with its aim of ensuring customer satisfaction, the Airport provides facilities and services to the passengers that are in keeping with the highest standards.   There is the extremely good attraction of “duty free” shopping within the airport, which is managed by the internationally renowned DUFRY “ Dufry  formerly Weitnauer”.   The duty free boasts world class brand names, at prices, which are extremely reasonable as compared with most other outlets in the world.

Alpha Catering Services (Alpha), one of the world’s top airline and airport catering company is responsible for managing in-flight catering at the Sharjah Airport.

The Airport is particularly popular for aircraft making technical halts thanks to the efficient handling providing quick turnarounds and very importantly, the very competitive fuel price offered here.  The airport has a presence of five fuel suppliers AdnocShellAir BPEppco, & Emarat to choose from – which will guarantee the most competitive fuel prices in the region.

The Airport has one of the longest runways (4060 meters) in the region, which enables airlines to land and take off with full load capacity during extreme weather conditions.    Sharjah International Airport, one of the largest sea-air cargo hub in Asia, has a number of cargo terminals/warehousing space in the Freight Center.  

Sharjah is the first among all the airports in the Middle East to introduce Cargo Tracking System online and touch screens placed within the airport that allows forwarders updated information about their shipments.  The Airport has also successfully implemented an in-house developed bar-coding system for its cargo handling.

Thanks to the experience behind it, Sharjah International Airport possesses the expertise, know-how and equipment to handle aircraft of all types.   With the technological advancements, increased awareness, high customer satisfaction level and the facilities and services available, Sharjah International Airport has earned its laurels towards the path of success, positioning itself as a major airport in Asia covering the major markets in the Far East, Europe, Africa, CIS and Asia. 

For more information on how you can profit from sharing Sharjah International Airport's vision, please get in touch with Sharjah Airport Authorithy.

Mr. Donald D'Souza
Director Commercial Division

Tel: 009716 508 1515 / 06 558 1191
Fax: 009716 558 0355