Transfer and Transit

If you are a transfer passenger, please check for your connecting flight at the Transfer Counter. Transfer and transit passengers are advised not to go through the standard Arrival Immigration checkpoint.

Appropriate signage has been installed to guide transfer passengers to the Transfer desk without any difficulty.

Interline Baggage

If your luggage has been interlined (through checked-in to ultimate destination) - Sharjah International Airport baggage handlers will transfer them directly to your connecting flight.

Transfer of Passengers

Transfer of passengers from Sharjah to a connecting flight from another Emirate, is possible if a special request is made through the Airline.

Transfer Visa

Passengers arriving on Air Arabia and having confirmed onward bookings can avail a 96 hr transit visa.


• This visa can be availed by passengers transferring flights at Sharjah International Airport.  The passenger should be travelling into Sharjah on Air Arabia & transferring on to any other carrier, holding confirmed onward bookings.

• Passengers arriving on Air Arabia can connect onward international flight at any Airport within UAE by any carrier

• The Origin and Final Destination of his itinerary should be different as Transit Visa is for Transit Passengers. 

• Transit Visa is not eligible for passengers travelling to the same destinations.

• The Transit Visa or 96 Hours is calculated by the calendar day not by hours. Thus if a passenger arrives into Sharjah at 2100 hours on Monday, this doesn’t not mean 3 hours of 96 hours till 12 midnight, but it is therefore counted as 24 hours on that day.

• The Transit visa is not extendable, and overstaying after the 96 hours period will result for paying overstay fines.

• Processing time for transit visa will take a minimum of four (4) hours waiting time or more depending on immigration discretion.

• Part of Transit Visa procedure is the Security Clearance from Abu Dhabi Federal Authorities.  The approval of transit visa will be issued solely at the discretion of the local immigration authorities provided the applicants name does not appear on the Immigration authorities list of unwanted or black listed names.

• Scanned passport Copy/photocopy
• Recent Passport size photograph or
• Personal Information form
• Itinerary/Ticket Reference/PNR 


• Application at Outstation:  AED 150.00 or equivalent to local currency of station applying.
• Application at Sharjah     :  AED  200.00
• In the event that visa is rejected or denied, the payment is non-refundable.


 The Transit Visa is valid for 14 days from date of approval
 Duration of stay (4) days from the date of entry, and no extension


NATIONALITIES - The following are nationalities that cannot avail for transit visa.

For BANGLADESH & KENYAN Nationals, they can only avail the transit visa on their arrival upon Immigration Discretion as immigration doesn’t allow pre-application.


The passport should be valid within 3 months from date of expiry till date of application, otherwise the system will not accept.


  •  An application could be rejected or denied due to Security Reason from Federal Authorities.
  •  A pending or active Visa on immigration system either residence, employment, tourist and etc could also be a reason for the application be denied.
  • A passenger should complete one month from date of exit on UAE till date of application. These implies for all type of visa including previous transit visa.


It is recommended to apply for the Visa prior to arrival to avoid long waiting at the airport.
Transit Visa can be applied at any Air Arabia or representative office within the network.
Visa can be applied maximum 14 days before arrival and minimum 24 hours to arrival.

Visa can be applied on arrival at SHJ airport with a considerable waiting time not less than 4 hours for approval.