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Goodbyes made easier by a pleasant travel experience

While taking a flight out of Sharjah, from check-in to take-off, processes are designed for the convenience and ease to the passenger, whilst a host of facilities and amenities guarantee a pleasing airport experience. Prior to Check-in, the main dome, comprises the Information counter, Convenience shops, a pharmacy, travel agency, Meet & Assist facilities, all in the one area, to serve both passengers and accompanying persons.

Airport Pass to Escort Family

Sharjah Airport recognises the need that some passengers (such as the elderly or very young), need assistance during the check-in process. As such, an accompanying family member may be provided an airport pass that allows access right up to the Check-In area. These passes can be obtained, at a nominal fee, at the ‘Information Counter’ situated immediately on entry of the ‘Departures Hall’. Terms & Conditions apply.


Bank & ATMs

You will find a number of international and local banks offering ATMs for cash withdrawal, transfers, and deposits. Located on the first floor of the Main Dome, the Emirates NBD Bank operates from 9am – 9pm and is accessible to both passengers and airport visitors. It allows you to carry out full transactions for those last minute banking needs. A number of banks have placed their ATMs at convenient locations throughout the airport to ensure that you can complete your transactions quickly and hassle-free. Below is a list.


Car Park

Car Park – Short Term – Arrival & Departure (New Rates – Effective From 06/12/2011)

Description New Rates
Minutes ( 00:00 – 00:30) AED – 10
Minutes ( 00:30 – 00:60) AED – 15
2 Hours AED – 25
3 Hours AED – 35
4 Hours AED – 45
Per hour Or part thereof the First 24 hours AED – 10 per Hr
First 24 hours AED – 245 per day
Day 2 onwards ( the system will consider any part of the day – i.e. the second 24 hours – as a full day , from 1 minute after 24 hours onwards) AED – 190 per day or part thereof
Lost Taken ( coin ) Aed 200/= in addition to parking Fee AED – 200 per token

Car Park – Long Term (New Rates – Effective From 06/12/2011)

Description New Rates
Minutes (00:00 – 00:30) AED – 10
Minutes (00:30 – 00:60) AED – 15
2 Hours AED – 25
3 Hours AED – 35
4 Hours AED – 45
04:01 hours to 24:00 hours or part of thereof AED – 90 per day
Day 2 onwards or part of thereof AED – 90 per day
Exceeding 30 days penalty (after 30 days parking fee plus penalty ) AED – 2000 Penalty
Lost Token (coin) Aed 200 in addition to parking fee AED – 200 per token

For more details Terms and Conditions before car parking entry.


Communication facilities

One of the hassles of flying from one country to another is that sometimes you can’t make calls on your phone. If you’ve arrived earlier than scheduled or your flight has been slightly delayed, how can you get in touch with the person waiting to greet you after immigration? There are numerous telephones installed all over the airport so you have easy access to them. Local calls within Sharjah are free and cash and credit card telephones are available at Departure, Transit, and Arrival Domes for international and UAE calls. We also offer easy-to-access email and internet facilities for passengers and visitors to the airport.



Like any other airport, Sharjah International Airport has some customs allowance for some items you may choose to carry.

Personal Effects:

Free of charge.

Duty Free Allowances: 2,000 cigarettes – 4000 cigars – 200 kg tobacco
Alcohol (non-Muslim adults only) 20 litres of wine and 20 litres of spirits.

Commercial Imports: Generally 25% on the invoice value of the goods. There is no export duty or limit on goods leaving the country.


Duty Free Shopping

Sharjah International Airport offers an impressive selection of duty free shopping. Duty Free is available for both arriving and departing passengers. World renowned brands are on offer at prices that are unmatched in most airports of the world.

Click here for Dufry’s this month’s Promotions.

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First & Business Class Lounges

Well-appointed lounges ensure excellent service & facilities to the Business & First Class traveller.


Food Court

What better way to pass time than to get a bite to eat? Sharjah International Airport offers a variety of foods in its food court so even the pickiest of eaters will be happy. Your children will not whine that they’re hungry but can’t find anything that they like. Whether it’s a healthy meal you’re looking for or you want to satisfy a junk-food craving, you’ll find it in the airport’s food court. We have made available to you a variety of cuisines where you can get a full-fledged meal or just a snack and drink at very reasonable prices. Pass by once you have finished from customs and see what we have to offer.

For more information Please visit Dining Page.


Hala Services

Arrive or depart in style and comfort at Sharjah International Airport with Hala’s unique range of services. Hala exists to make every step of your journey simple, straightforward and hassle free, providing fast track check in, immigration and boarding as well as porterage services, luxurious lounges and extensive visa support services. Indulge yourself and book one of unique Hala services for your family or guests. Find out more about Hala Services


Kids play area

Sharjah International Airport is renowned for its family friendly ambience. We have conveniently located dedicated play areas for your children to make your flying experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible. You can feel safe leaving your child to play with our reliable staff keeping a watchful eye out for them while you visit our Duty Free Shopping area, eat, pray, or go to the business centre to catch up on last-minute work.


Medical clinic

In the unfortunate event you are not feeling well, the airport has on-site a medical clinic in its Main Dome for passengers and visitors that require special medical assistance. It is open round-the-clock, even on weekends and holidays. The clinic is well-equipped and run by highly-trained and experienced professionals who will deal with you in a friendly, caring manner. The clinic’s mission is to promote and maintain the health of aviation staff and safeguard the wellbeing of passengers


Money exchange centres

There is nothing worse than being in a foreign country and not having the right currency. Sharjah International Airport has taken into consideration this essential service and placed a number of currency exchange providers in the Arrivals, Departures, and Transit areas of the airport to make your life easier.



Finding a place to pray while travelling can be a nightmare, but not at Sharjah International Airport. You don’t have to worry about missing your prayers because we have male and female prayer areas located at the Airport Main Passenger Terminal Transit Area and at the Departure Area on the ground floor. There are also mosques located in both the East and West Cargo Terminals 3 and 4.


Sharjah Airport Travel Agency (SATA)

Sharjah Airport’s Travel Agency offers quality and reliable services in airline reservation ticketing, holiday packages, UAE & World Wide visa packages, as well as umrah services, among others. The agency is owned by the government of Sharjah’s Department of Civil Aviation and is one of the fastest growing travel agencies in the UAE with its main office in the centre of Sharjah city, and nine branches spread around the city, with plans to open branches in other emirates soon. SAATA has a forward-thinking strategy and is constantly analysing and evaluating airline services to offer the best possible services to its clients. SATA is distinguished from other travel agencies by its experienced employees who are carefully recruited and professionally trained, and the agency’s mission to provide quality services that exceed customer satisfaction. Located on the first floor of the Main Dome of Sharjah International Airport, our travel office is accessible to all. You can visit our SAATA website to learn more about the packages we have to offer.


Smoking Rooms

While Sharjah International Airport has a strict no-smoking policy, there are special rooms designated for those who wish to. These rooms are spread around the airport and are clearly marked. Please remember that smoking at the airport in any non-designated smoking areas is illegal and will result in a fine.


Special Assistance

Assistance is available for passengers requiring special help, such as unaccompanied children, elderly or disabled people. They also assist passengers to clear through Immigration and Customs formalities.Special Assistance is available at the Information/Customer Service Counter which is located immediately on arrival in the departure terminal.


VIP Services

Luxury is redefined with our VIP service

VIP lounge:
VIP lounge: Ideally suited for families seeking exclusivity and comfort, this VIP lounge provides an excellent offering of luxury and business amenities.

Our dedicated and well trained staff provide the following services:

  • Security check, luggage claim, and arrival or departures procedures
  • Passport checking
  • Customs inspection procedures for incoming guests
  • To enjoy the VIP services you can book through the internet.

Terms & Conditions :

  • Reservation service before 48-houre of your flight by filling all the information in the form.
  • In the event that your travel itinerary changes, you are requested to inform us at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of the flight arrival or departure, in order for us to make all necessary arrangements.
  • The VIP Lounge is not responsible for missed flights as a result of guests coming to the lounge late or where the visa documentation to the destination is insufficient, incomplete or incorrect Payment should be within 24 hours before flight date.
  • Payments are non-refundable
  • Guest should go to public relations department and inform the public relations officer about his booking reference number.The public relations officer prints the receipt and give it to the guest and guidance to the place of payment.
  • Guest should submit the bill payment to public relations officer to proceed with all the procedures.

I Accept & Agree


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