Sharjah Aiport Arrival 

When Arriving At Sharjah International Airport

Arriving into Sharjah International Airport is very convenient.   On landing, and a very short taxiing time later,  aero-bridges directly lead the passengers to the Terminal.   In the event that the aircraft has to park at a remote bay, a bus transports them to the entrance of the Passenger Terminal.
A two-minute walk, brings you to the Immigration checkpoint, which is easily located through clearly marked signposts.

Duty Free shopping

Is possible for arriving passengers before proceeding to Immigration. The Duty Free at Sharjah International Airport is managed by Dufry Sharjah , offering the travelers world renowned brands and a wide variety of goods at prices that are unmatched in most airports of the world.


Prayer areas are available at the Airport Main Passenger Terminal Transit Area as well as at the Departure Area (Ground floor). Mosques for prayer are also available in both East and West Cargo Terminals 1 and 2.

Baggage Claim

Immediately after clearing Immigration, an escalator/lift brings you to the baggage claim area.   Screen signs clearly indicating flight numbers enable you to find the belt on which your luggage will arrive.

Free Baggage Trolleys

Self-push baggage trolleys are easily available in plenty inside the arrival terminal for passengers, free of charge.


After you collect your baggage, you are required to proceed to Customs where baggage is screened through the X-ray machine to scan for prohibited items.

Prohibited Items

Items that are not permitted into Sharjah by the arriving passenger include:
• Psychotropic substances
• Endangered wildlife species
• Firearms
• Obscene articles and publications
• Uncooked edible seafood, fruits and vegetables from cholera infected areas.
Restrictions: Permit from local authorities required for firearms


Those requiring porter services, can avail the same at a nominal charge.  A desk offering this service is available near the Baggage Claim belts.


Airport Taxis are available immediately outside the arrival terminal.  On an average the fare to downtown Sharjah is Aed 45/=.

Airport Buses

Airport buses are available for transfers to the city centre at a nominal charge.

Car Pick-up

If you have made arrangements with a friend, relative or a travel/tour operator to receive and transfer you, the car park is conveniently located adjacent to the arrival terminal.

Car Park - Short Term - Arrival & Departure (New Rates - Effective From 06/12/2011)


New Rates

Grace Period 10 - Minutes
Minutes ( 00:00 - 00:30) AED - 10
Minutes ( 00:30 - 00:60) AED - 15
2 Hours AED - 25
3 Hours AED - 35
4 Hours AED - 45
Per hour Or part thereof the First 24 hours AED - 10 per Hr
First 24 hours AED - 245 per day
Day 2 onwards ( the system will consider any part of the day - i.e. the second 24 hours - as a full day , from 1 minute after 24 hours onwards) AED - 190 per day or part thereof
Lost Taken ( coin ) Aed 200/= in addition to parking Fee AED - 200 per token

Car Park - Long Term (New Rates - Effective From 06/12/2011)


New Rates

Grace Period 10 - Minutes
Minutes (00:00 - 00:30) AED - 10
Minutes (00:30 - 00:60) AED - 15
2 Hours AED - 25
3 Hours AED - 35
4 Hours AED - 45
04:01 hours to 24:00 hours or part of thereof AED - 90 per day
Day 2 onwards or part of thereof AED - 90 per day

Exceeding 30 days penalty (after 30 days parking fee plus penalty )

AED - 2000 Penalty
Lost Token (coin) Aed 200 in addition to parking fee AED - 200 per token

For more details Terms and Conditions before car parking entry.

Meeters & Greeters Hall

“A dedicated ‘Meeters & Greeters’ hall has been constructed to ensure your comfort while you await the arrival of your family member or friend.   The Meeters & greeters area comprises a mix of Food & Beverage and other outlets such as Florists & Convenience shops, ATMs etc to cater to your needs.  A see through glass wall allows you to view arriving passengers so that you can see when your family member or friend has arrived. 

Car Rental

Many Rent-A-Car companies are available in the arrival Terminal, in the area immediately after Customs. Click here to view the list of Car Rental companies.